DITA Eyewear

As someone who needs to wear glasses every day, the quality and style of my frames are important to me. When I was younger, I tended to get the flashy designer frames because I thought they were “trendy” but really they were poorly made and didn’t last long.

My best friend, who also happens to be my eye doctor, introduced me to DITA Eyewear 3 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since!! All of their frames, both optical and sunglasses, are beautifully made, and the designs are like no other. DITA is definitely considered luxury eyewear, but the branding is discreet, which is perfect for a corporate environment. You KNOW they are high-end, luxury glasses, without the logo being plastered on the sides!

Check out some beautiful frames below!

You can find my glasses here: DITA VIDA

I’ve been eyeing these rose gold and silver frames forever! Dr. LP…I think these might be my next purchase😁 Find them here: DITA ARISE

I love the shape of this frame, and the tortoise pattern is subtle and classy! Find them here: DITA LACQUER

Check out other styles, optical and sun, for men and women on DITA.com!

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